Posted on Jul 21, 2021

Johnny's Pressure Washing

Free Estimates For Cleaning Drive-Through

The drive-through is one of the grimiest areas of a restaurant’s exterior. The accumulation of contaminants here is usually higher than the restaurant’s front because not a lot of attention is given to the driveway in terms of cleanliness and maintenance.

If you do not have the right equipment at the restaurant and your janitorial staff does not have the skills or experience, you will not get the best results with maintaining and freshening up your driveway.

A monthly power washing is critical if you don’t want your driveway to look dirty and aged. Like the restaurant’s front exterior, the driveway also influences your customers’ impression and expectations about your restaurant.

If they have meager expectations even before they come in to order, then your restaurant’s outdoor spaces are likely due for power washing and deep cleaning.

Fortunately, we have long years of experience in power washing all kinds of concrete and pavements, and we use only the best power washing equipment and methods to restore your restaurant’s exterior to its best appearance.

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